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FIX ✅ Google AdSense 'Valuable Inventory : Under Construction' Issue

You want to run ads on your website to start making money blogging, to do that you apply for AdSense approval which is the best ad network for bloggers.

But then one day, you check your AdSense account and see that Google Adsense reject your website because of  "Valuable Inventory: Under construction" error.

Good News 😀 You can fix AdSense Under Construction issue easily by following the steps below.

What causes AdSense's' Valuable Inventory: Under Construction' Issue?

If you see the message "Valuable inventory: Under construction" in your Google AdSense account, it means that Google AdSense has detected that your website is still under construction and therefore not ready to show ads. 

This can be due to a number of reasons, such as 

  • The presence of "Under construction/ maintenance" or "Coming soon" notices on your site.
  • Or because Google has detected that the content on your site is not yet complete.
  • Or you change your website theme or layout while your site is under AdSense review
  • Or your important pages have no content.
  • Or you have an empty/ broken link in your site navigation.

How to FIX AdSense 'Valuable Inventory: Under Construction'

How to FIX AdSense Valuable Inventory: Under Construction

Here are a few steps you can take to fix this issue:

Remove Site Under Maintenance Notice

Remove any "Under construction" or "Coming soon" notices from your site. If you use Cloudflare then disable 'Under Maintenance Mode'.

Your site should be fully functional and ready to show ads before you apply for AdSense.

Enough Quality Content

Make sure that your site has enough content for Google AdSense to review.

In general, sites with fewer than 15 posts of high-quality, unique content may not be approved for AdSense. It also causes AdSense Low-Value Content issue.

Follow AdSense Policies

Review the AdSense program policies to make sure that your site complies with them.

In particular, make sure that your site does not contain any illegal or inappropriate content, and that it does not violate any copyright laws, otherwise you will get AdSense policy violation error next time.

Wait a Few Days Before Reapplying

If you have recently made changes to your site, such as adding new pages or significantly changing the layout or theme, it may take some time for Google to re-review your site.

In this case, you may want to wait a few days before applying for AdSense again.


I hope these suggestions help! If you continue to have issues with AdSense, then don't worry.

GrowwithAdSense blog has a dedicated post on each ▷ AdSense issue. Follow them to fix the rejection from Google AdSense.