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[Step-by-Step] Fix Google AdSense duplicate account problem?

If you apply for AdSense and in reply, you receive Duplicate Account issue then you are on the right blog post.

Because here I describe all the steps you need to take to get AdSense approval next time when you reapply for AdSense review.

Reasons Behind Duplicate Account Problem in AdSense?

There is only one reason why you get  'You have an Existing AdSense Account' reply from Google AdSense.

That is AdSense policies only allow one account per publisher.

So, if you created an AdSense account in the past then you need to use the same account for your all websites or close the first one and then go with the new AdSense account.

But if you disagree with AdSense's reply telling you that you already have an existing AdSense account then here are the steps you can take to handle this AdSense issue.

Steps to Fix AdSense Existing Account Problem

Fix AdSense Existing Account Problem

As you see that you have two ways to solve AdSense's existing account issue,

  1. Use your existing AdSense account.
  2. Close your other Google AdSense account(s)

Now if you have access to your existing AdSense account then the first way is for you is to use your existing account but if you want to keep AdSense on the other mail account then you need to close the old AdSense account.

One more thing that creates a big problem for publishers after getting AdSense 'You already have an AdSense Account' is that if you can't have access to the old Google Mail Account to monetize your site to make money blogging.

Then you need to change your payment profile details and make sure to keep them totally separate from your older profile details.

How to close Existing AdSense Account

Note: You don't need to delete your google mail account to fix AdSense already account problem. You just need to delete the AdSense account that links to your older existing mail.

Here is how you can close your existing AdSense account...

  1. Log in to your existing AdSense account,
  2. Click on 'Account' from the side menu,
  3. On the 'Settings > Account information' page,
  4. Click on  'Close account',
  5. Click 'Confirm',
  6. That's it! You've successfully closed your duplicate AdSense account,
  7. Finally, Click on 'Got it'.

Last Words

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issue of a duplicate AdSense account and regain access to monetize your site with the best ad network for beginner publishers.